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Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Hey reader it’s very cool day for me coz i learn youtube video marketing today and its time to share it with you guys its very easy how to upload a video to youtube and earn money online and making money. YouTube world biggest video community which is most popular in the web for its performance and Technic of work and its very easy. Just Upload a video and monetize it. simple take a look on article to be clear with this youtube method.

Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to Youtube ? It is not a big? To you that what is YouTube but i will tell you that. “YouTube is the world’s largest video bar where you can find any video from all over the world and share it in your social profile and you can also make money with the help of it.” This is the small intro of YouTube. I make sure you are now clear with YouTube.

How to Go With YouTube

It’s easy to work with it all you need is a Google Account only. Google Account the main thing in a YouTube profile. Google Account is help you tu make your channel and upload video in YouTube and show your talent to all over the world with a single click. Channel is the main thing from which you can make your name in YouTube. You can make your own video and upload by any other site.

What Is A YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is the first way to upload your video to YouTube. With YouTube channel you can make your video. Slideshow, album art etc. You can also monetized your YouTube channel for earning from YouTube. To create you’re your YouTube channel follow the steps given below

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Go To settings (Click on your image at top right side).
  4. Click on Create Studio.
  5. Click on Create Channel.
  6. Follow all the steps.
  7. Click on upload button
  8. Wait till the process end
  9. Give a perfect description of your video.
  10. Click on publish.

Monetize Your Channel

In above steps you upload your video with youtube now its types monetized your youtbe channel and earn money with your channel. Monetize means showings ads on your video and earn money by showing ads on it. Yes you can do its its possible just follow this steps and monetized your youtube video. follow the steps and monetized your video

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your google acceont
  3. Go to your channel settings
  4. Click on monetization
  5. Click on Enable monetization
  6. And enable it.
  7. Than how will I paid
  8. Apply for Google AdSense Approval
  9. Fill out the form and submit it.
  10. Go to your video manager and monetize your video
  11. With the above steps you are done with the monetization process of your youtube channel. As much as your video gone viral and click in your video that much you will pay for it.

Final Verdicts

Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to Youtube ? Its very easy just follow the above steps and upload or earn money online. I give the simplest steps to do better with youtube. Anyone can follow the steps and make a good youtube career. YouTube is the best place to viral your creativity with all over the world.

Frankly Advice

You should have good vlog camera for your youtube videos. You can check best camera for vlogging from here.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

How To Improve Your Alexa Rank With Easy Steps

How To Improve Your Alexa Rank With Easy Steps

If you are a blogger you must be aware of Alexa ranking system. But if you don’t then let me in a brief, Alexa was discovered back in 1996 and it is a part of Amazon Inc. It is a ranking system which gives any site a rank judging by his content quality, traffic and many more. In short we can say Alexa is a Web Information Company.

In this world I bet that there is no one out there who doesn’t want money. Now many of may think why I said money? Well the answer is quiet clear and I am saying this because advertisers always want sites which has lower alexa rank for their advertisements even if the site is not popular. But if your site has higher ranks in alexa then you will be misses those advertisers because they want sites with fewer alexa rank not higher rank. So it‘s always a good idea to give some your valuable time to perk up your alexa ranking.

With the time alexa has improved a lot from past. Features like claiming your site and update your site and add info of your site made a robust impact for many site. Nowadays many people said that alexa rank is not precise and I shore up accurate it’s but not utterly. Because with newest updates in Alexa, I find it quite and seeing the traffic stats of a website going ups and down on a daily basis. Apart from that site link stats update happened once in three months.

It’s quite normal that newest domains had no alexa rank and details and it takes a little time show your site stats and alexa graph. But bloggers who recently joined this business find it very problematical to understand the entire concept about increasing alexa rank and how to improve it. So guys, today I am here to tell you about how can increase your alexa rank with this seven simple tips. I’ve also use these tips for improving my site alexa rank and loved to share it with you guys.

So after the full introduction about what is alexa and alexa rank here is How To Improve Your Alexa Rank With Easy Steps this steps are very easy to understand and implement in any blog or website so here we go

7 Tips To Improve Your Alexa Rank

1)   Write Fresh And Unique Contents

“Content Is King” thousands of bloggers know knew the meaning of this proverb including me and I support is also. This first thing you need to do is to wring fresh and unique contents. This practice will help you increase your site traffic quickly and briskly. Secondly Google always loves unique contents. So if your write worthy contents then the chances of getting traffic from search engines will be increase beyond your expectations. Quality and worthy contents always strike high-ranking in SERP’s and maximize your site traffic volume.

2)   Claim Your Site In Alexa

Claiming your site in alexa is must do job. Because it give the alexa assurance that you gain the jurisdiction over your domain. We can say that this is a verification process. If you ignore this step your site will never ever have any alexa rank. So , don’t be lazy and do this simple step for your sites good. Then see your how your sites rank improving fast.

3)   Install Alexa Rank Widget

Installing this widget will defiantly help you to improvise you’re your alexa rank. It will show your visitors about your site stats and many more. On the other hand you can force every blogger to install it in their blogger so it’s always a good idea to install alexa widget in your site. This is not a hard process; all you have to perform is copy the widget code and it in your site’s source code.

4)   Download Alexa Toolbar

1996, when alexa went live this tool is the only way to supervise your site stats. But, time has changed but none the less if a visitor visits your site via alexa toolbar still matters a lot. I am sure that your visits your site often. So, it always a good practice to download this toolbar. What are you waiting for? Download the Alexa toolbar at once.

5)   Directory Submission

Submit your blog URL only in high PR directory. It’s not only extent your traffic volume also affect your alexa rank too.

6)   Social Media Exposure

In this new blogging generation, social media presence is very much important. If you avoid the power of social media your site never ranks well. So, sharing your posts on a variety of different social media sites not only exploit your traffic amount but also improve your alexa rank fast.

7)   Write A Review Regarding

write a wonderful content about the or alexa ranking system to shoe them you are know all about there product and there ranking system. A good article about alexa rank and keyword give you a link from alexa with a preferred rank for your website.

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Latest Apps And Features Of Windows 8 And 8.1

Latest apps and features of windows 8 and 8.1

Hello friend to day i am taking the new windows 8.1 Latest apps for windows 8.1 as my article and aware you about them i am saket gupya from TECHNOLOGY MEET. Microsoft is the worlds biggest software company and the windows is the main product and windows 8.1 is the latest update of windows comes with lots of new things which are listed below… Latest apps and features of windows 8 and 8.1.

The acquainted created higher

The desktop you’re accustomed – with its acquainted folders and icons- continues to be here. And not simply still here, its really higher than before, with a replacement task manager and contour file management. And you\’ll be able to continuously get to your desktop- and back to your begin screen again- with a faucet or click.


Use them the method you mostly have. Word, Excel, wall socket, and different programs you judge work the method you’re accustomed. Use a mouse and keyboard and organize your stuff in folders on the desktop.


Windows Defender and Windows good Screen will facilitate guard your laptop against viruses, spyware, and different malicious computer code in real time. Family safety offers your youngsters some independence whereas still keeping tabs on them.


You can use a mouse and keyboard to figure on your windows desktop the method you mostly have. And belongings you do with bit, like victimization apps from the windows S store and obtaining around on yours begin screen, may be through with a mouse and keyboard.


When you’re functioning on the acquainted desktop, all apps you have got opened can seem in your taskbar at rock bottom of the screen. This includes each apps you open from the desktop and apps from the windows store you opened from your star screen.


Bing good search offers you result from your laptop, your apps, and therefore the net. Results ar in a very clean, graphic read therefore you\’ll be able to quickly get to what you\’re searching for.


Windows 8.1 lates you\’re employed the method you would like, and flow swimmingly from one issue to a different. Pull up a Wikipedia article throughout a conversation with a fan to settle a discussion. Play a music video whereas sprucing your resume. reckoning on the dimensions of your screen, you\’ll be able to see up to four apps right away.


Each wherever It goes wherever you go use your Microsoft account to register to any of your devices running windows eight.1,and you’ll see an equivalent layout, apps and setting. sign language in together with your Microsoft account (which is just AN email address and pass word of your choice) additionally offers you access to a word of apps from the windows store, and permits you to save, view, and edit your documents and photos on-line with one drive.


Onedrive is free on-line storage that’s designed into windows eight.1 save documents, photos and different files to oneDrive mechanically and acquire to them anytime, from any of your PCs or devices. And you\’ll be able to use one drive to safeguard your files if one thing happens to your laptop. you\’ll be able to additionally used one drive to share and collaborate with others, and see your stuff on mobile and non-window diveces.


Video, voice and instant electronic communicationt he continuously –on app that creates staying to bear with all of your contacts easier than ever. confine bit with video and voice caals and instant electronic communication, all from one app. decision any phone quickly and simply. All skype-to-skype video and voice calls ar free, and your messages ar delivered straight to you regardless of what you’re doing. Snap skype left or right and do additional whereas you IM, video call, or keep a watch on your home screen.

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

iOS 9 :What Apple is upto for the Next OS

IOS 9:What Apple is upto for the Next OS

Rumors have no limitations, in case of Apple it is in a bulk. The company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is going to fall on June 8, there is much of scoops about what is in the lap of Apple’s mobile platform.

Music: New App

We have already noticed early developer builds of the release show a modified feature that ultimately the next song line up feature introduced in 2013’s iTunes 11.

However, the introduction of Beats Music into an update to its own streaming service, iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio with a lackluster feedback from most users since its 2013 launch and has been merely overshadowed by streaming music rivals such as Spotify and Pandora.


Android simultaneously to trump iOS in the field of user customization. The iOS update is always liable to change. Comparatively to the iPhone and iPad’s  lock screen, the invention of the latest devices from Apple has something innovative to offer.

Apple Watch is good in analyzing the complications on the face I am looking forward to see similar functionality on the iOS lock screen. You can also check weather and can strike a comparison to the Apple Watch. It means we are more open to choices.

Siri: Apps more option

Earlier Apple has added some stuff to Siri’s capabilities in iOS updates, the features like Shazam integration and the potential to adjust settings like Bluetooth and Airplane mode.

We are still looking forward to integrate own applications features into Siri. As of now, Siri’s compatibility with third-party applications is dependable to Apple, and that is very limited. You can have iPhone to demonstrate you way in Apple’s own Maps app. It means, you cannot trace the directions from Google Maps in Siri.


HomeKit is software for integrating smart home products into iOS, and it catches the attention in the build-up to WWDC. In May, Apple reportedly reveals that HomeKit products would not come. However, the first products will be in June release. You can monitor those devices from app in iOS 9, if a rumor will turn out true by 9to5Mac. As rumor suggested a new Home app would allow iOS 9 users to monitor smart devices in their homes from an iPhone or iPad. It is also saying that Home app would be similar to the Health app introduced in iOS 8. Siri would also get smart home control capabilities in future.

Maps: Public Transit

When Apple monitors its Maps app in iOS 6, it elects to have its own mapping information instead of Google’s; it does not support for public transportation directions. Apple has bought various companies involved in mapping technology. Both iOS 7 and 8 were rumored to get this capability to the built-in Maps app, but it ultimately did not turn true.


It will ease you up. It lets you move to the 1Password password-storage app from Safari. It has been a good initiation but there should be more improvement…

Apple will be going great with extensions. According to the Iconfactory’s Hockenberry “It is merely tough for some users to figure out some of these system add-ons, so it would be nice if the new iOS if we could configure these powerful potential.”

The developers want extension to be visible in the market.

Tune ups:

Rumors around iOS 9 have rolled around smaller improvements that had intentions at smoothing over the rough edges installed in iOS 8. Many people recommend that iOS 9 will be focused on these bug fixes to OS X’s Snow Leopard update in 2009.

Apple is also planning to reduce the size of the operating system itself. Smaller iPhones users get trouble in updating to iOS 8 over the air, because of the space taken up by the existing OS installation. Apple needs to have been striving to slim updates and it would not be a new for iOS 9 to going this direction.

Final Words

Apple is more focused on stability and good performance.  Most probably, they will make the existing features function better, rather than adding latest one as stated by TLA Systems’ Thomson.

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The Pros And Cons Of LG’s G4 Smartphone

The LG G4 is one of the stunning Android of the year. LG has discharged a feature with substantial stuffs. When we head towards the release we come to know about The pros and cons of LG’s G4 smartphone. Now, let’s move to the Pros and Cons of LG G4.

LG G4 camera

The LG G4 is determined to land with some amazing new cam highlights and its splendid looking cam equipment. LG plots a few highlights of its new cam programming which includes “Snappy Shot”, which takes a photo just by two fold tapping its back “volume down” key.

The LG G4 will provide a 16-megapixel camera with a quick, f/1.8 opening lens and an 8-megapixel front-confronting cam. LG obtains the wide-opening lens and all the light-assembling privileges that it brings, so we’re hoping that G4 being an incredible camera for low-light shots. The 8-megapixel front camera is not as per the quality and it does means higher interest.

LG states that the selfie camera conclude a ultra-slim IR channel to keep infrared light from entering the camera lens, and sets desires for pictures with “more common and precise hues.”

LG G4 Design and display:

LG has discharged a QHD show on the LG G4. LG claims that the G4 showcase is ’25 percent brighter’ than that of the LG G3, and has a ’20 percent more extensive shading reach’. It is true that LG G4 is the upgraded version of LG G3.

LG has surprised us with the G Flex 2 this year early at CES 2015. The showcase that would curve to that extend, so that you can even sit on the phone when it is in your back pocket and it will not break also.

LG G4 price and release date

The LG G3 will capture the attention on for 359.99 USD for a non-contract transporter adaptation. It is safe to say that, unless LG draws out numerous adaptations of the LG G4 (like a lite/smaller than normal form), the LG G4 cost will touch the sky like less than 400 USD.

LG has dispatched in occasion on April 28,where there is a dispatch of the LG G4. An overall development ought to take after not long after, and with the LG G3 touching base on May 28, 2014, we are strongly believing that the LG G4 will land before the end of May at the most recent. AndroidPIT will be there on dispatch day for news, pics, a hands-on audit

The LG G4 date for the announcement is for April 28th when LG held occasions in six of the world’s biggest communities: New York, London, Paris, Istanbul, Singapore, and Seoul. It is stupendous to see that organization officials affirmed that LG will take after the G4 up with another top of the line smartphone in the second a large portion of the year.

The LG G4 date of release is not confirmed yet. but I can predict it to come in late May or early June.

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