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How To Improve Your Alexa Rank With Easy Steps

How To Improve Your Alexa Rank With Easy Steps

If you are a blogger you must be aware of Alexa ranking system. But if you don’t then let me in a brief, Alexa was discovered back in 1996 and it is a part of Amazon Inc. It is a ranking system which gives any site a rank judging by his content quality, traffic and many more. In short we can say Alexa is a Web Information Company.

In this world I bet that there is no one out there who doesn’t want money. Now many of may think why I said money? Well the answer is quiet clear and I am saying this because advertisers always want sites which has lower alexa rank for their advertisements even if the site is not popular. But if your site has higher ranks in alexa then you will be misses those advertisers because they want sites with fewer alexa rank not higher rank. So it‘s always a good idea to give some your valuable time to perk up your alexa ranking.

With the time alexa has improved a lot from past. Features like claiming your site and update your site and add info of your site made a robust impact for many site. Nowadays many people said that alexa rank is not precise and I shore up accurate it’s but not utterly. Because with newest updates in Alexa, I find it quite and seeing the traffic stats of a website going ups and down on a daily basis. Apart from that site link stats update happened once in three months.

It’s quite normal that newest domains had no alexa rank and details and it takes a little time show your site stats and alexa graph. But bloggers who recently joined this business find it very problematical to understand the entire concept about increasing alexa rank and how to improve it. So guys, today I am here to tell you about how can increase your alexa rank with this seven simple tips. I’ve also use these tips for improving my site alexa rank and loved to share it with you guys.

So after the full introduction about what is alexa and alexa rank here is How To Improve Your Alexa Rank With Easy Steps this steps are very easy to understand and implement in any blog or website so here we go

7 Tips To Improve Your Alexa Rank

1)   Write Fresh And Unique Contents

“Content Is King” thousands of bloggers know knew the meaning of this proverb including me and I support is also. This first thing you need to do is to wring fresh and unique contents. This practice will help you increase your site traffic quickly and briskly. Secondly Google always loves unique contents. So if your write worthy contents then the chances of getting traffic from search engines will be increase beyond your expectations. Quality and worthy contents always strike high-ranking in SERP’s and maximize your site traffic volume.

2)   Claim Your Site In Alexa

Claiming your site in alexa is must do job. Because it give the alexa assurance that you gain the jurisdiction over your domain. We can say that this is a verification process. If you ignore this step your site will never ever have any alexa rank. So , don’t be lazy and do this simple step for your sites good. Then see your how your sites rank improving fast.

3)   Install Alexa Rank Widget

Installing this widget will defiantly help you to improvise you’re your alexa rank. It will show your visitors about your site stats and many more. On the other hand you can force every blogger to install it in their blogger so it’s always a good idea to install alexa widget in your site. This is not a hard process; all you have to perform is copy the widget code and it in your site’s source code.

4)   Download Alexa Toolbar

1996, when alexa went live this tool is the only way to supervise your site stats. But, time has changed but none the less if a visitor visits your site via alexa toolbar still matters a lot. I am sure that your visits your site often. So, it always a good practice to download this toolbar. What are you waiting for? Download the Alexa toolbar at once.

5)   Directory Submission

Submit your blog URL only in high PR directory. It’s not only extent your traffic volume also affect your alexa rank too.

6)   Social Media Exposure

In this new blogging generation, social media presence is very much important. If you avoid the power of social media your site never ranks well. So, sharing your posts on a variety of different social media sites not only exploit your traffic amount but also improve your alexa rank fast.

7)   Write A Review Regarding

write a wonderful content about the or alexa ranking system to shoe them you are know all about there product and there ranking system. A good article about alexa rank and keyword give you a link from alexa with a preferred rank for your website.

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