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Latest Apps And Features Of Windows 8 And 8.1

Latest apps and features of windows 8 and 8.1

Hello friend to day i am taking the new windows 8.1 Latest apps for windows 8.1 as my article and aware you about them i am saket gupya from TECHNOLOGY MEET. Microsoft is the worlds biggest software company and the windows is the main product and windows 8.1 is the latest update of windows comes with lots of new things which are listed below… Latest apps and features of windows 8 and 8.1.

The acquainted created higher

The desktop you’re accustomed – with its acquainted folders and icons- continues to be here. And not simply still here, its really higher than before, with a replacement task manager and contour file management. And you\’ll be able to continuously get to your desktop- and back to your begin screen again- with a faucet or click.


Use them the method you mostly have. Word, Excel, wall socket, and different programs you judge work the method you’re accustomed. Use a mouse and keyboard and organize your stuff in folders on the desktop.


Windows Defender and Windows good Screen will facilitate guard your laptop against viruses, spyware, and different malicious computer code in real time. Family safety offers your youngsters some independence whereas still keeping tabs on them.


You can use a mouse and keyboard to figure on your windows desktop the method you mostly have. And belongings you do with bit, like victimization apps from the windows S store and obtaining around on yours begin screen, may be through with a mouse and keyboard.


When you’re functioning on the acquainted desktop, all apps you have got opened can seem in your taskbar at rock bottom of the screen. This includes each apps you open from the desktop and apps from the windows store you opened from your star screen.


Bing good search offers you result from your laptop, your apps, and therefore the net. Results ar in a very clean, graphic read therefore you\’ll be able to quickly get to what you\’re searching for.


Windows 8.1 lates you\’re employed the method you would like, and flow swimmingly from one issue to a different. Pull up a Wikipedia article throughout a conversation with a fan to settle a discussion. Play a music video whereas sprucing your resume. reckoning on the dimensions of your screen, you\’ll be able to see up to four apps right away.


Each wherever It goes wherever you go use your Microsoft account to register to any of your devices running windows eight.1,and you’ll see an equivalent layout, apps and setting. sign language in together with your Microsoft account (which is just AN email address and pass word of your choice) additionally offers you access to a word of apps from the windows store, and permits you to save, view, and edit your documents and photos on-line with one drive.


Onedrive is free on-line storage that’s designed into windows eight.1 save documents, photos and different files to oneDrive mechanically and acquire to them anytime, from any of your PCs or devices. And you\’ll be able to use one drive to safeguard your files if one thing happens to your laptop. you\’ll be able to additionally used one drive to share and collaborate with others, and see your stuff on mobile and non-window diveces.


Video, voice and instant electronic communicationt he continuously –on app that creates staying to bear with all of your contacts easier than ever. confine bit with video and voice caals and instant electronic communication, all from one app. decision any phone quickly and simply. All skype-to-skype video and voice calls ar free, and your messages ar delivered straight to you regardless of what you’re doing. Snap skype left or right and do additional whereas you IM, video call, or keep a watch on your home screen.

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