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Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Hey reader it’s very cool day for me coz i learn youtube video marketing today and its time to share it with you guys its very easy how to upload a video to youtube and earn money online and making money. YouTube world biggest video community which is most popular in the web for its performance and Technic of work and its very easy. Just Upload a video and monetize it. simple take a look on article to be clear with this youtube method.

Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to Youtube ? It is not a big? To you that what is YouTube but i will tell you that. “YouTube is the world’s largest video bar where you can find any video from all over the world and share it in your social profile and you can also make money with the help of it.” This is the small intro of YouTube. I make sure you are now clear with YouTube.

How to Go With YouTube

It’s easy to work with it all you need is a Google Account only. Google Account the main thing in a YouTube profile. Google Account is help you tu make your channel and upload video in YouTube and show your talent to all over the world with a single click. Channel is the main thing from which you can make your name in YouTube. You can make your own video and upload by any other site.

What Is A YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is the first way to upload your video to YouTube. With YouTube channel you can make your video. Slideshow, album art etc. You can also monetized your YouTube channel for earning from YouTube. To create you’re your YouTube channel follow the steps given below

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Go To settings (Click on your image at top right side).
  4. Click on Create Studio.
  5. Click on Create Channel.
  6. Follow all the steps.
  7. Click on upload button
  8. Wait till the process end
  9. Give a perfect description of your video.
  10. Click on publish.

Monetize Your Channel

In above steps you upload your video with youtube now its types monetized your youtbe channel and earn money with your channel. Monetize means showings ads on your video and earn money by showing ads on it. Yes you can do its its possible just follow this steps and monetized your youtube video. follow the steps and monetized your video

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your google acceont
  3. Go to your channel settings
  4. Click on monetization
  5. Click on Enable monetization
  6. And enable it.
  7. Than how will I paid
  8. Apply for Google AdSense Approval
  9. Fill out the form and submit it.
  10. Go to your video manager and monetize your video
  11. With the above steps you are done with the monetization process of your youtube channel. As much as your video gone viral and click in your video that much you will pay for it.

Final Verdicts

Everything You Want to Know About How to Upload a Video to Youtube ? Its very easy just follow the above steps and upload or earn money online. I give the simplest steps to do better with youtube. Anyone can follow the steps and make a good youtube career. YouTube is the best place to viral your creativity with all over the world.

Frankly Advice

You should have good vlog camera for your youtube videos. You can check best camera for vlogging from here.

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