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iOS 9 :What Apple is upto for the Next OS

IOS 9:What Apple is upto for the Next OS

Rumors have no limitations, in case of Apple it is in a bulk. The company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is going to fall on June 8, there is much of scoops about what is in the lap of Apple’s mobile platform.

Music: New App

We have already noticed early developer builds of the release show a modified feature that ultimately the next song line up feature introduced in 2013’s iTunes 11.

However, the introduction of Beats Music into an update to its own streaming service, iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio with a lackluster feedback from most users since its 2013 launch and has been merely overshadowed by streaming music rivals such as Spotify and Pandora.


Android simultaneously to trump iOS in the field of user customization. The iOS update is always liable to change. Comparatively to the iPhone and iPad’s  lock screen, the invention of the latest devices from Apple has something innovative to offer.

Apple Watch is good in analyzing the complications on the face I am looking forward to see similar functionality on the iOS lock screen. You can also check weather and can strike a comparison to the Apple Watch. It means we are more open to choices.

Siri: Apps more option

Earlier Apple has added some stuff to Siri’s capabilities in iOS updates, the features like Shazam integration and the potential to adjust settings like Bluetooth and Airplane mode.

We are still looking forward to integrate own applications features into Siri. As of now, Siri’s compatibility with third-party applications is dependable to Apple, and that is very limited. You can have iPhone to demonstrate you way in Apple’s own Maps app. It means, you cannot trace the directions from Google Maps in Siri.


HomeKit is software for integrating smart home products into iOS, and it catches the attention in the build-up to WWDC. In May, Apple reportedly reveals that HomeKit products would not come. However, the first products will be in June release. You can monitor those devices from app in iOS 9, if a rumor will turn out true by 9to5Mac. As rumor suggested a new Home app would allow iOS 9 users to monitor smart devices in their homes from an iPhone or iPad. It is also saying that Home app would be similar to the Health app introduced in iOS 8. Siri would also get smart home control capabilities in future.

Maps: Public Transit

When Apple monitors its Maps app in iOS 6, it elects to have its own mapping information instead of Google’s; it does not support for public transportation directions. Apple has bought various companies involved in mapping technology. Both iOS 7 and 8 were rumored to get this capability to the built-in Maps app, but it ultimately did not turn true.


It will ease you up. It lets you move to the 1Password password-storage app from Safari. It has been a good initiation but there should be more improvement…

Apple will be going great with extensions. According to the Iconfactory’s Hockenberry “It is merely tough for some users to figure out some of these system add-ons, so it would be nice if the new iOS if we could configure these powerful potential.”

The developers want extension to be visible in the market.

Tune ups:

Rumors around iOS 9 have rolled around smaller improvements that had intentions at smoothing over the rough edges installed in iOS 8. Many people recommend that iOS 9 will be focused on these bug fixes to OS X’s Snow Leopard update in 2009.

Apple is also planning to reduce the size of the operating system itself. Smaller iPhones users get trouble in updating to iOS 8 over the air, because of the space taken up by the existing OS installation. Apple needs to have been striving to slim updates and it would not be a new for iOS 9 to going this direction.

Final Words

Apple is more focused on stability and good performance.  Most probably, they will make the existing features function better, rather than adding latest one as stated by TLA Systems’ Thomson.

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